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    How To Publish And Promote Stories On Episode Game

    Here is some good news for creative writers who want their stories to get online popularity quickly! In Episode: Choose Your Story game, you can create and publish your own story effortlessly. At the ‘Episode Writer Portal’, you can post your story and put it in front of millions of readers.

    Your story will be published on the game’s mobile app. To create the story, you need to launch the gaming app and then click on the menu. Tap on ‘Create’ icon to launch the story editor. Here you can create a new story that can be published on the app.

    There are more than 75,000 stories that have already been published on the app. You can read some of the hottest stories in the app to have an idea of what kind of stories are gaining popularity quickly on the portal.

    To read each story, you will require Passes; the in-game currency. You can either purchase Passes with real money or acquire them for free of cost by signing to the game periodically. You can even consider using our Episode Hack 2018 to acquire Passes instantly. So, are you ready to write and publish your story?

    Before you publish your story, read the below mentioned procedure that you need to follow:

    • All writers should be above the age of 13 years. If you belong to 13-18 age groups, then you will require parental permissions for publishing your story on the gaming portal.
    • You need to follow a set pattern for writing and publishing the story. For instance, your story should consist of 3 parts or 3 episodes. Moreover, the content of each episode should have more than 400 lines of dialogues. Additionally, there are some more guidelines that need to be followed. You can check them on the official gaming website.
    • If you are confused as what will work on the portal, then check out the innumerable stories that are accessible in the game. These stories will provide an idea on popular characters, outfits, etc. that need to be selected for your story.
    • Always proofread the story before sending for submission as the story that has grammatical mistakes will not gain popularity. Obviously, you want your story to be the best, so don’t rush with it. Take some time and once you are confident, simply publish it.
    • Your story should have a good beginning so that players are attracted towards it. No need to post a complete story. You can keep adding episodes later too. However, the story should have scope of development so that players are anxious to know its next part.

    Some Queries That Will Help You In Creating Your Story Easily On Episode Writing Portal:

    1. How to make a thought bubble?
    2. You need to add the text in parentheses for making a thought bubble.
    3. How can I change the hairstyle of my character?
    4. To change the hairstyle, specify the hairstyle that you prefer. For example: @Character changes hair into ‘Hairstyle’.
    5. How to form a question with yes and no as answer?
    6. For example; let the question be will you marry me? Choice “yes” {Lyric I would marry you} “No” {Lyric No Thank you.}
    7. How to end the choices that are provided to the readers?
    8. “I am done asking questions” {narrator: Are you sure you are done? Choice – Yes, I have finished: “No, I still want to ask questions”{goto Questions}
    9. How can I remove a character or make the character disappear?
    10. To remove a character you need to mention @remove CHARACTER.
    11. How can I make a character sit in the game?
    12. To make a character sit, you can use two codes. One is @CHARACTER sits lower POSITION and the second one is @CHARACTER sits POSITION.

    In this manner, you need to create codes for making a story on the Episode app.

    What’s next?

    Once your story gets published, you need to promote it through various ways to players. The best way to promote it is by sharing through social media websites. You will notice a link of your story at the bottom of your script page. That link needs to be shared with others. You can even email the link to your friends. Depending on the number of people who read your story, you will be ranked by the gaming developers. For obvious reasons, higher rankings will help in growing the recognition of your story.

    Some of the stories that gain lot of popularity are listed in the trending section of the game by the developers. Moreover, if your story is gripping, creative, and makes the reader glued to their gaming device then the gaming developers can add your story to their featured list too. So, create an attention-grabbing story and post it on Episode game app. Then, wait for readers to share their thoughts on your story. Happy writing!